The Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) sits on the highest level of The Frameworks for Higher Education Qualifications of UK Degree-Awarding Bodies (level 8 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and level 12 in Scotland).

企業管理博士(DBA)在英國高等教育資格框架(FHEQ)中屬最高級別的。 (在英格 蘭、威爾士,北愛爾蘭屬第8級,也相當於蘇格蘭高等教育資格第12級)
The DBA is an award which meets the qualification descriptor for this level in full. All UK doctorates, regardless of their form, require the main focus of the candidate’s work to demonstrate an original contribution to knowledge in their subject, field or profession, through original research or the original application of existing knowledge or understanding.

DBA博士生需要完全達到該級別資格指標才能獲得學位。所有英國博士學位,無論其 形式如何,都要求博士生著重在通過原創性研究,或對現有知識的充分理解和應用(原 創性),能對自己的學科領域或專業知識的原創性貢獻。


The Frameworks for Higher Education Qualifications of UK Degree-Awarding Bodies are aligned with the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area (QF-EHEA) and their comparability with it has been formally verified. All UK doctorates are third cycle (end of cycle) qualifications on the QF-EHEA.
英國高等教育資格框架(FHEQ)是和歐洲高等教育區資格框架(QF-EHEA)相對 應的,其對應關係也已被驗證。所有英國博士學位都是對應QF-EHEA的第三個週期(週 期結束)資格。

The Frameworks for Higher Education Qualifications of UK Degree-Awarding Bodies
are supplemented by a series of Characteristics Statements which provide more detail about the distinctive features of qualifications at particular levels of the frameworks. In the Doctoral Degree Characteristics Statement, the DBA is cited as an example of a
professional and practice-based (or practitioners) doctorate, which are described as providing ‘an opportunity for individuals to situate professional knowledge developed over time in a theoretical academic framework. As such, they have different structures from other forms of doctorate. They are often post-experience qualifications and therefore they are frequently the doctoral degree of choice for mid-career professionals. … UK professional doctorates are designed to meet the needs of the various professions in which they are rooted, including: business, creative arts, education, engineering, law, nursing and psychology. They can advance professional practice or use practice as a legitimate research method.’ Assessment of professional and practice-based doctorates is through submission of a thesis or portfolio, and in the vast majority of cases an individual oral examination.

英國高等教育資格框架有一系列的資格指標的描述,這些描述包含了框架內每個級 別資格的顯著特徵的更多細節。在博士層次資格中,DBA作為專業型和實踐型(或從業 者)博士學位的一個例子,被形容為“為個人提供了一個機會,讓他們能夠把長時間積 累的專業知識置於理論學術框架中。因此,他們的結構不同於其他形式的博士學位。他 們通常是具有工作經驗的,因此這些專業人員通常是在職業生涯中期選擇修讀的博士學 位… 英國專業博士學位旨在滿足各種專業人才在其所在領域,包括商業、創意藝術、教 育、工程、法律、醫護和心理學的需求。讓他們可以進行專業實踐,或者是將實踐作為 一種合理的研究方法。”對專業型和實踐型的博士學位的評估,通常是評估他們提交的 論文或作品集,並且在絕大多數情況下還要進行答辯。

In each of the academic credit frameworks in operation in the UK, professional or practice-based doctorates carry a total of 540 credits (equivalent to 270 ECTS), with a minimum of 360 credits at the doctoral level (where credit is used).

在英國實行的每個學術學分框架中,專業型或實踐型的博士學位總共有540學分(相當 於270ECT),博士級別至少360學分(使用學分)。

 Doctoral Degree Characteristics Statement (2015)博士學位特點說明(2015年)


 The Frameworks for Higher Education Qualifications of UK Degree-Awarding Bodies (2014)英國高等教育資格框架(2014)

 Verification of the compatibility of The framework for higher education qualifications in England, Wales and Northern Ireland (FHEQ) with the Framework for Qualifications of the European Higher Education Area (FQ-EHEA)

驗證英格蘭,威爾士和北愛爾蘭適用的英國高等教育資格框架(FHEQ)和歐洲高等教 育區資格框架(FQ-EHEA)的兼容性
www.qaa.ac.uk/en/Publications/Documents/Verification-of-the-compatibility-of-The- framework-for-higher-education-qualifications-in-England–Wales-and-Northern- Irel.pdf

Verification of compatibility of the framework for qualifications of higher education institutions in Scotland with the framework for qualifications of the European Higher Education Area
www.qaa.ac.uk/en/Publications/Documents/Verification-of-compatibility-Scottish- FQHE.pdf

Descriptor for a higher education qualification at level 8 on the FHEQ and SCQF
level 12 on the FQHEIS: doctoral degree 英國高等教育資格框架(FHEQ)第8級和FQHEIS上蘇格蘭學分與資格框架(SCQF)的第
Doctoral degrees are awarded to students who have demonstrated:博士學位授予具有以
 the creation and interpretation of new knowledge, through original research or other advanced scholarship, of a quality to satisfy peer review, extend the forefront of the discipline, and merit publication
 a systematic acquisition and understanding of a substantial body of knowledge which is at the forefront of an academic discipline or area of professional practice 能夠進行系統地獲取和理解,大量的學術學科或專業實踐領域知識
 the general ability to conceptualise, design and implement a project for the generation of new knowledge, applications or understanding at the forefront of the discipline, and to adjust the project design in the light of unforeseen problems 能夠具備構思、設計和執行研究項目的能力,這個研究項目可以創造新知識,新的應用方
 a detailed understanding of applicable techniques for research and advanced academic enquiry.
Typically, holders of the qualification will be able to:通常來說,獲得者應該能夠:
 make informed judgments on complex issues in specialist fields, often in the absence of complete data, and be able to communicate their ideas and conclusions clearly and effectively to specialist and non-specialist audiences
 continue to undertake pure and/or applied research and development at an advanced level, contributing substantially to the development of new techniques, ideas or approaches.
And holders will have:獲得者要具備:
 the qualities and transferable skills necessary for employment requiring the exercise of personal responsibility and largely autonomous initiative in complex and unpredictable situations, in professional or equivalent environments.
應具備工作環境中所需要的品質和技能,例如,在復雜且不可預測的專業環境中承擔個人 責任,以及提出解決問題的創新性方法的能力。
Doctoral Degree Characteristics Statement 博士學位特點說明
The main characteristics of professional and practice-based doctorates are as follows. 專業型和實踐型博士學位的主要特點如下。
 Professional and practice-based doctorates usually contain taught elements with significant lecture and seminar content, but final award of the doctorate is based on a supervised research project, projects or portfolio. In some programmes, the taught elements are assessed and either a pass/fail, or a mark or grade, is given. Such assessments may act as incremental hurdles for the candidate as part of his/her progress towards the independent research project.
專業型和實踐型的博士學位通常包含重要講座和研討會內容的教學內容,但博士學位的最 終授予是由博士生的研究計劃、項目或作品集的質量決定的。在一些課程中,會對學習的內 容進行評估,並給出通過/不通過、分數或等級的結果。這些評估結果可能會影響博士生個 人研究項目的進度。

 Research projects in professional doctorates are normally located within the candidate’s profession or practice. In practice-based or practitioner doctorates the candidate’s output involves practice-related materials. For example, in the performing arts, the output involves a written component, which complements the practice-based element (this may be shorter than the traditional PhD thesis, and includes both reflection and context), and one or more other artefacts, such as a novel (for creative writing), a portfolio of work (for art and design), or one or more performance pieces (for theatre studies, dance or music). In clinical practice-based doctorates, such as the DClinPsy or the MD, the research is likely to draw on clinical work involving clinical trials or other work with patients in the practical/clinical setting; the clinically based and academic research are then combined in the candidate’s thesis or portfolio.
專業型博士學位的研究項目通常在博士生的專業或實踐中產生。在實踐型或專業人才型的博 士學位中,博士生的呈交內容應該是與實踐相關的材料。例如,在表演藝術中,呈交內容包括 一個文字敘述,為實踐作補充(這可能比傳統的博士論文更短,並且包括反思和背景),以及 一個或多個其他作品,例如 一部小說(用於創意寫作)、作品集(用於藝術和設計)或一個 或多個表演作品(用於戲劇研究、舞蹈或音樂)。在以臨床實踐為基礎的博士學位中,例如 DClinPsy 或 MD,研究可能會以臨床試驗的工作為例子,或者以實際臨床環境中與患者相關 的工作內容為例子;然後將這些臨床和學術的研究結合到博士生的論文或作品集中。
 Professional doctorates are rooted in an academic discipline as well as in a profession (education, engineering, law and so on). Candidates whose research arises out of practice alone, who are not working in an academically related professional field and who spend most of their time learning in their work environment rather than with the higher education provider would be more likely to complete a practice-based doctorate. In both practice-based and professional doctorate settings, the candidate’s research may result directly in organisational or policy-related change.
專業型博士是專注於某一學科以及一門專業(教育、工程、法律等)的研究。如果博士生 的研究僅來自實踐,而不在學術專業相關的領域工作,博士生的大部分時間在工作環境中學 習,而不是在高等教育機構中學習的,這類的博士生更有可能獲得實踐型博士學位。在實踐 型和專業型的博士學位設置中,博士生的研究內容可能會直接導致組織或政策的相關變化。
 As for the subject specialist study doctorate, professional and practice-based doctorates are assessed through submission of a thesis or portfolio, and in the vast majority of cases an individual